Developing people is our specialty

PMI offers a range of consultancy services that are all based on developing the people in an organization in order to create well-being, development and tangible results.

We work with companies and leaders who want the tools to improve their leadership and to develop their employees and organization in an effective, meaningful way. Over the years, we have successfully carried out or participated in change processes and education programs for leaders in many different organizations.

Development on all levels

Our consultants are trained to work with people development on all levels – from success optimization to existential crises.

Our consultancy services include:

  • Organizational development – based on authentic leadership throughout the entire organization

  • Leader development plans – adapted to the individual organization

  • Strategic processes – creating conditions for successfully developing, establishing and implementing strategies

  • Coaching – both individually and for groups, such as leadership teams and departments

  • Mergers and change processes – create the conditions for a successful merger and change processes

  • Conflict resolution and crisis management – get help with solving important people and relational challenges in an organization

  • Stress and burnout – get help with effective and meaningful solutions for stress and burnout

Contact us for a dialogue about the opportunities for you and your organization.

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Senior Consultant

Kia Karrebæk
Kia Karrebæk
Kia Karrebæk is a senior coach with years of experience from the financial sector. Kia has her education from the IT university, and an education as organizational consultant with a psychotherapeutic background. Kia has a lot of experience as a leader, both as IT project manager, leader of operations, and 5 years as HR Manager. Kia also works with ourplacement and as psychotherapist with both individuals and groups.

Feedback fra deltager

“This is the leadership training, which begins where all the others end.”

Peter Bruhn, CEO, Boligsiden

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