Do you want to develop your company, you need to develop your leaders

At PMI, we see people development as the key to results and success in organizations. We create dynamic workplaces through personal leadership in both private and public companies. We help an organization’s focus on the bottom line, innovation and development to go hand-in-hand with passion, work satisfaction and creativity.

We develop and conduct competency and development courses and seminars which meet the needs and wants of both managers and employees. Our personal development, leader development, organizational development and team building methods improve a company’s ability to succeed with the change and development processes necessary to compete in an ever-changing marketplace. Thus, we also take a development-based approach to stress and crisis assistance, which we address through leadership and competence-building, together with organizational fine-tuning throughout the chain of command.

PMI has gathered a strong team of highly-qualified organizational consultants and specialists, who are known for their extensive human knowledge and experience. They are experts in creating real organizational development and have a broad, solid business background. They tailor each development plan to suit the exact person and organization involved, and, working closely with them, achieve lifelong development and lasting results.

Our Vision, Mission, Ethics, Philosophy and Methodology

To develop performance and well-being in organizations through personal authentic leadership.

To work with leaders and develop authentic leadership through:

  • Emotional and existential awareness
  • Relational, social and collaborative competences
  • Communication and conflict resolution
  • In-depth strategy and organizational understanding

We run our business based on high ethical standards that build on respect for an individual’s boundaries and expectations.


Before, during and after the period where we work with an organization, we insist on complete transparency regarding the process’ background, purpose, methodology and requirements. This is a fundamental prerequisite for a harmonious, successful development process.


Furthermore, the process must be anchored in the entire organization, from top management to employees, and from the union representatives to all relevant trade organizations. It is management’s responsibility to communicate the purpose of the development process and ensure a shared understanding and confidence in the entire organization.


The companies we work with have to understand that personal development can only happen on a voluntary basis – it can never be forced. It is a fundamental philosophy in our work to make sure that people work because they want to. By taking this approach, a company gets managers and employees who are motivated, dynamic and development-oriented – and thus are a tremendous resource.

Balancing the personal and private

We respect each participant’s personal boundaries. These vary from person to person. Boundaries are also dynamic, and will often shift during the course. Our experienced instructors are a guarantee that the line between what’s personal and what’s private will not be crossed. However, before the course starts, all course participants will be made aware of the fact that they are also responsible for letting us know if they feel that the course is getting too close for comfort. They are also informed that PMI’s course instructors will naturally respect and accommodate their wishes.

The clarified course

Before we start a course with a company, it’s important that we clarify if there are any internal cultural changes the company would like to implement. A PMI course is about development, and thus it cannot, and should not, be viewed as a way of weeding out employees. Employees must have a guarantee that they, either before or during the course, can have the freedom to say no to further participation without fear of reprisal. In such situations, an alternative option could be individual training and developmental sessions with a PMI consultant.

Individual attention

We do everything we can to ensure that people who might be experiencing a major or minor crisis, will not be subjected to a course that could potentially worsen the situation.
To avoid this, we conduct a thorough initial interview, which has the goal of uncovering developmental areas and identifying especially vulnerable individuals. The latter may need specialized counseling from our consultants in order to rediscover their work and life satisfaction.

Methodology and tools
We work with modern Gestalt methods, which take a contextual and existential approach, with elements of systemic thinking and narrative therapy. The Gestalt method focuses on the individual participant and interpersonal interactions. It is well-suited to both private therapy and individual support, as well as working with larger organisms, such as a company’s organization. Our ways of working and tools target leadership development, employee development, conflict resolution and team building. The methods are adapted to the organization, management team, department, project group, etc. which we are responsible for developing. We also work with a range of social-psychological approaches and tools that all share the same fundamental purpose of strengthening the individual’s understanding of their own professional and personal behavior and actions.

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